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Alternative to the Annual Review

Annual employee performance reviews may do more harm than good

How the Job Market Has Changed

Jobs that existed 10 years ago don't exist today, jobs that exist today didn't exist 10 years ago and there will be jobs in the future that haven't been invented yet. Are you willing to change to meet the needs of the new job market.

Identify and Hire Top Performers

The key to retaining employees starts in the interview process

Human Resources Consultants & Advisors

And All Other Duties As Assigned

Job descriptions are a useful management tool, but many smaller companies don't keep them up to date. There is an easy way to keep them up to date.

Consultative Sales - 7 steps to hire the right people

Consultative sales people don’t like to talk and they usually are not the best golf players, either. They are good listeners, they understand the challenges in the marketplace, and they are consistent in their database management.

How and Why Employee Development Increases Retention

Building a winning development culture and fostering employee retention does not come from simply giving speeches, reading the latest book on management or attending an inspirational seminar. Developing an involved, effective, highly committed employee requires planning, commitment, and a variety of interventions and strategies.

What Is The Difference Between Employees and Independent Contractors And Why Do You Care?

This article summarizes the law as it pertains to the differences between Employees and Independent Contractors.

Other HR Consultants Topics

Best Practices to Select “Successfully Matched” Employees

One of the biggest challenges facing HR professionals in the highly competitive and dynamic market of today’s business world is hiring top performing employees. Hiring “successfully matched” employees is a valuable asset for any organization.

CPR For Job Seekers

"My interview is today, what am I going to do, oh boy, oh man. I'm nervous. I'm scared. I can't breathe, I can't breathe, I can't breathe." How many of you have felt this way in the past? I know firsthand from the job seekers I encounter, they felt that way many times before and interview. The panic that set in before meeting would-be employers was so immense that some even skipped out on the appointment altogether in order to avoid the embarrassment. What? No way! Why? That's right! They avoided the opportunity because that fear owned them at the moment, so much that it left them speechless and breathless. Well if this has ever happened to you, I'm here to provide you with a dose of CPR.

CT Is the 1st State To Mandate Paid Sick Leave

Effective January 1, 2012 certain employers will be required to provide 5 days of paid sick leave per year to their service workers......this regulation applies to a wide range of employers and most employers are subject to the provisions of the anti-retaliation provision.

Entrepreneurs and Job Hunting

Many Entrepreneurs have a 'day' or 'night' job, while they are building their business.

Entrepreneurs: How do You Empower Your Employees?

The benefits of empowering your employees and recognizing their untapped value to the organization.

Study reveals 60% of work interruptions are caused by Social Media Activities

Study reveals 60% of employee work-place distractions are caused by e-mail, social networks, text messaging or IM causing significant financial loss to Small Business.

Why Is The HR Department Treated So Badly?

Of late I have seen more lack of appreciation of the HR professionals and the departments they staff, than ever before. Case in point:

Your Emotional Bank Account

The way you treat your employees makes a significant impact on their engegement and performance.

You're Turnover Number Doesn't Bother you?...It Should!

Excess Turnover can be very costly. Here's why and some tips on how to avoid it.

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