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Inside Story: Why Most Talented People Find it Hard to Get a Job

The recent investigation to know why most talented people find it hard to get a job has revealed a new insight and emerging evidence of dark practice in the industry. The time has gone away when it was expected that the most talented professional who has excellent past track record and list of achievements will always get the job when they will apply for a new position with another employer. The inside story of corporate recruitment landscape has changed due to dark practices in industry.

Believe it or not but the reality check reveals that there is a very strong recruitment lobby in existence with “Invisible Internal Talent Acquisition Black Hole” installed by less talented manipulators sitting at the top who are preventing more talented people to get hired and retained in good companies. There are many reasons behind this dark practice emerging in the corporate sector. Some are related with self survival priority and insecurity in less talented senior professional mindset who have reached the top management by hook or by crook. Some of them have their self advancement objective so strong that they feel threatened when they have a profile of a more talented professionals as a job applicant in their company. Some of them do not want to lose the position of being the smartest people in the room. These professionals wear their sensitivities on their sleeves and attach their egos to their hiring decision making process for rejecting talented job applicants. Getting over their ego and embracing the notion of hiring smarter people than themselves are not acceptable to them. It is giving them many reasons to reject top leaders who are better than them. They want to pamper their hidden narcissist tendencies and reckless ambition as long as they are not caught by an External Expert or Entrepreneur himself. It is spreading its wings deeper in most companies because there is no whistle blower inside the organization who knows what is really happening in talent management. It is a threatening dark practice that has secretly emerged within the corporate hiring system affecting specially top talented job applicants who are searching a new challenging assignment which can help them realize their full potential and where they can contribute everything that they are capable of doing to share success.

Conclusion: Very few cases and investigation are initiated in this gray area of recruitment management malpractice which is creating annoyance among talented job applicants and making them hard to get jobs today. It is recommended for job seekers to spend time wisely without regretting the job they didn't get without doubting their own potential. Sooner or later they will get a dream job.

One of the greatest blessings of friendship is being able to encourage others through the lessons we are learning everyday; it just seems to make things that much more worthwhile.We all have active and passive job seeker friends who won't always tell you what they are struggling with. The recent investigation to know why most talented people find it hard to get a job has revealed a new insight and evidence of dark practice in the industry. Even-though we have a long way to go in achieving permanent solution to eradicate this emerging evil plague from our corporate system, it is now important for every professional and job seeker at large to become aware of this situation. Let your friend know about it so that they never quit trying till they get their dream job.

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About the Author

Shekhar Kumar, The Business Scan Magazine
Glenn Rock
Floral Park, NY 11001
+1 201 613 5778

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