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Does Your Resume ROAR? Is it Results Oriented And Relevant?

With recruiters and potential employers receiving multiple resumes for nearly every job opening, the successful resume needs to "stand out from all of the others."

If you are presenting a potential recruiter or employer with your resume on paper one way to have it "stand out" is to use high quality paper. Indeed, using a resume which is a shade different than pure white might help also. Shade of paper won't make a resume ROAR. What does? It is the content!

The resume must be Results Oriented (RO) And (A) Relevant (R).

A Results Oriented and Relevant resume is accomplishments, not task, oriented. The resume shows the potential employer or recruiter what you accomplished and how what you have accomplished has prepared you to be the perfect fit for their needs. A task oriented resume shows a potential employer what you were told to do on your previous job. Most resumes I've seen have at least some component of being too task oriented.

Here is a quick test to see if your resume is Results Oriented. Read each item on the resume and ask yourself could this item appear in a list of job responsibilities for my replacement in a human resources data base with only a possible change in verb tense? If the answer is yes, it probably does not belong on the resume. Here are some examples:

Results Oriented (good):

-Nominated for the Planner Of The Year Award

-Received the highest customer satisfaction rating of any planner in my company

-Sold more meeting space than any of my colleagues in the Northeast.

-Have more return customers than any of my colleagues.

Task Oriented (not good for resume):

-Sold meeting space.

-Respond to customer complaints.

-Explained my company mission at trade shows.

Now for the Relevant part... a Relevant Resume has a summary statement at the top (I usually call it an objectives section, but call it a relevant section, a summary section or anything you want to because the word does not need to appear on the resume.)

The section at the top bridges the precise employers need with the Results Oriented statements on the remainder of the resume in just a few sentences.

Ideally, the potential employer reads this section and says This person seems to be the perfect match. They then scan the experience sections below (which are results oriented of course) and say and they are a great performer too... WOW!

(c) Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD. All rights reserved.

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Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro, Ronald G. Shapiro, Ph. D. / Education by Entertainment
17 Brookway Road
Providence, RI 02906

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